Hungry for more knowledge on how to outcompete your market leader as a young challenger brand?

We’ve already covered the basics about adopting challenger brand thinking in workshop one. In session two, we dive into more details on how to create communications that genuinely stand out, leaving Goliath stunned. We help you compete above your means by teaching you practical lessons on how to come up with ideas that steal headlines.

Whether it’s a viral video of a surfer riding an exploding wave or a vodka company pitching to buy a warship, you’ll be inspired by the challengers of old and leave with an idea of how to emulate them within your budget. Most importantly you’ll learn how to not just come up with these PR’able ideas but how to make sure they’re developed with speed as well as seen, and approved.

This workshop is hosted by °Small World, an agency that scales with your startup as it grows. They offer on-demand marketing by creating and managing teams from their proprietary pool of elite partner talent. It’s like hiring an agency without the nasty overheads. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

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