Despite making strides in recent years, women are still vastly underrepresented in venture capital or entrepreneurship. Out of all VC investment in the UK, all-female founder and mixed-gender teams receive about 1% and 10% respectively; while all-male teams get 89%. And in terms of entrepreneurship, only 1 out of every 3 entrepreneurs is a woman. Amongst investors the underrepresentation is even more jarring, with only 14% of angel investors in the UK being female. Here, we’d like to share the top female venture capital firms that are working towards reducing this gap by funding and supporting women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Only 14% of investors and angels in the UK are women

Alma Angels

Alma Angels are on a mission to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs seeking startup funding. Alma is a community of investors that have pledged to invest in female-founded startups, helping them build companies to a global scale. They also organise events, workshops, and provide mentorship and education to those who need it.

Angel Academe

Angel Academe is the UK’s oldest female-focused network. They aim to make angel investing easy, fun and rewarding for women and men who want to be part of a diverse angel network. Angel Academe invests in highly scalable technology businesses with at least 1 woman in the founding team. Their network of experienced angels helps their members build great portfolios of female founded tech companies.

Fund F

Fund F is a European venture capital fund that supports gender-diverse founder teams. They believe that the biggest opportunity for European tech lies in more female representation, as diversity leads to better results and performance. Fund F invests in digital and scalable startups in pre-seed and seed stages.

January Ventures

January Ventures is an early stage venture fund, investing in visionary, female-led technology companies. They believe that in the next decade, entrepreneurs will be more female and more diverse. The fund is run by an all-female team of founders and advisors and invests in startups in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Pink Salt Ventures

Pink Salt Ventures was set up by former entrepreneurs and operators to fund and support female-led technology companies. Pink Salt Ventures supports women entrepreneurs in a financial and an advisory capacity. The fund has a portfolio of startups with game-changing technologies.

Sie Ventures

Sie Ventures is backing female (co-) founded teams who are challenging the status-quo. They invest in companies that change the way we work, manage our health, grow our wealth, and help us live more sustainably. Sie Ventures is currently invested in 10 companies and their Catalyst programs have supported 35+ founders to raise more than £50M in capital.

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