As a startup founder, you start with a blank slate and no brand awareness when you think about designing a PR strategy for the first time; quite the daunting task compared to the relative comfort of structured digital channels with a clear ROI.

Although a challenge, starting from square one is an incredibly exciting and unique opportunity to both forge your brand’s reputation and grow your business. Indeed, with an effective PR strategy you can:

  • Build a brand with a strong narrative and powerful story.
  • Get reach and awareness on a far greater scale than paid channels.
  • Be prepared both for when you hit stormy seas, and need to capitalise on media opportunities.

PR Strategy, Where do You Start?

At Seedrs, we’ve created a 4 part guide for you, to help you plan your entire PR strategy. Inside the manual, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. The Basics
    • What is PR?
    • Asking the right questions
    • Building your narrative
    • Communicating your brand
    • Brand guardianship
    • How do you engage in PR?
  2. Outreach
    • Finding the right publication
    • Finding the right journalist
    • Planning your outreach
    • Actioning your outreach
  3. Press Releases and Pitching To Journalists
    • Paragraph structure
    • Notes to Editors
  4. How to Find Your Story

This guide was written by our PR Manager, Tessa Bryant. Download the Startup Guide to PR via the form below or learn more on how to deal with a PR Crisis.

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