Are you a CBD (Cannabidiol) business looking to raise funds? At Seedrs, our legal and compliance teams worked hard over the last year to navigate the promising fundraising landscape for CBD business across the UK and EU. Now, for both investors and startup, that work is playing off.

Learn about this burgeoning market and how to make your own CBD crowdfunding round a success.

This webinar is hosted by Mark Scrine, Campaigns Development Associate at Seedrs and Alexej Pikovsky, Co-Founder and CEO at Alphagreen, who talk through the process of Equity Crowdfunding and answers all your questions on raising funds with Seedrs. Alexej will also shares his experience raising +£2m from +700 investors on Seedrs.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the CBD market is evolving
  • The growth projections and successes in the CBD space
  • Why CBD businesses use equity crowdfunding
  • Why equity crowdfunding could be a good option for your business
  • The key elements to successful crowdfunding for CBD businesses
  • How raising with Seedrs works
  • How Seedrs supports you across your growth lifecycle

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