In an era where technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, understanding the landscape of emerging tech is not just beneficial—it’s crucial. Among the buzzwords dominating conversations are AI, blockchain, and Web3, each heralding a new dawn of possibilities for founders, innovators, and investors alike. But what do these technologies truly entail, and how might they transform the business world as we know it?

In an attempt to demystify how this technology could change the entire landscape of the business world, we sat down with Brian Myint, one of Republic’s in-house experts on next-generation technologies such as AI, blockchain, and Web3.

During our conversation, he shared invaluable insights and real-world applications, showcasing how these technologies will offer groundbreaking opportunities for both startup founders and ambitious investors.

With platforms like Seedrs and Republic standing at the confluence of investment and innovation, we believe we’re uniquely placed to offer insight into the technologies poised to shape our future. Our platform is more than a marketplace; it’s a community where visionaries converge to explore the possibilities of AI, blockchain, and Web3. 

We’ve supported founders from more than 20 countries across Europe to raise funds in over 2000 campaigns and we’re continuing to strengthen our offering whilst expanding the scope of our investment opportunities for investors.

If you’re a founder currently looking to raise, we’d love to speak to you! Our expert team can help you build and execute a campaign that maximises international exposure and boosts European brand awareness. Apply to raise on Seedrs and our team of fundraising experts will be in touch.

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