Harness the power of 
your community

You’ve worked so hard to build up a loyal following, now reap the benefit using our tried and tested process (with over 1,000 raises and counting) to fund the next stage of your growth.

Crowdfunding delivers marketing benefit, customer loyalty and funds with speed

A successful crowdfunding campaign is often seen as the ultimate customer validation of your idea but we’re talking equity here, so in return your customer becomes an owner and will do everything they can to see your business grow and succeed. Nothing does it better.

Build customer advocacy

Businesses that crowdfund have more customers, who are more loyal and show greater advocacy for the products or services of the businesses they’ve invested in than others.

Raise your brand profile

Gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of interested investors or create a highly targeted outreach to professional investors searching for a start-up like yours.

Give up equity not cashflow

The only interest will come from your community. Spend more time growing your business and less worrying about your next repayment.

Our Crowdfunding is VC-friendly and won’t mess with your cap table


It won’t impact your current or future rounds. You can raise capital on Seedrs before, during, or after your venture round. A crowd round is an important complement to traditional VC, not its replacement.

Single line on the cap table

Investors represent a single line on your cap table — Seedrs acts on their behalf for matters such as voting and information rights. Our tools make it easy to manage the group and ensure your crowd round won’t drive up operational costs.

A unique way to finance

Benefit from a complete end-to-end service including: tailored campaign strategy and marketing support, handling and processing of funds, tax relief forms, nominee admin and legal documentation.

Crowdfunding builds a community of investors and allows them to share in your success

Super U raised a total of £931k from 402 investors over two campaigns on Seedrs.


Give your customers an opportunity to share in your success

Make your most valued users really feel like they are part of the family by giving them the opportunity to become a shareholder in the business. Incentivise them to keep coming back time and again whilst increasing advocacy amongst them.

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“Thanks to our many Seedrs campaigns, The Cheeky Panda has over 1,800 avid supporters who continue to advocate for, and positively impact our brand. Each campaign was also valuable for brand awareness and PR that lasted long after the rounds closed. We crafted a pitch video for each raise, which allowed people to really visualise our journey and our growth, and created a special relationship with the wider business community.”
Chris Forbes | The Cheeky Panda
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This raised £6.4m from 2,889 investors for their hyper-realistic plant-based food for meat lovers business.


Reach new audiences and grow your brand

A crowdfunding campaign is a great opportunity to put your product in front of potential customers. Through digital marketing, email marketing, PR and advertising you can increase awareness and drive your customer acquisition while also raising funds.

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“We really liked working with the Seedrs team as they were really professional and they connected us with their community of investors and helped us to get more international exposure. Nevomo (previously Hyper Poland) raised more than 150% percent of our original target which we’ve used for technical development, talent acquisition and operations.”
Founder | Nevomo
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