Are you a founder seeking to secure funding for your business? Understanding what investors look for is the key to successful fundraising. During this webinar, we dug deep into the findings of our 2022 and 2023 Seedrs State of the Investor surveys. We heard from over 1,300 Seedrs investors in both of these surveys, shedding light on the critical factors that they consider when deciding where to allocate their capital.

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🌿 Investor Backgrounds: A deep dive into who our investors are and where they invest their money.
🌿 Investor Priorities: Discover what businesses our investors are most interested in investing in, and the factors they consider when making investment decisions.
🌿 Common Pitfalls: Learn about what turns investors off and how to avoid these fundraising pitfalls when raising.
🌿 Actionable Strategies: Gain practical advice on how to tailor your fundraising strategy to attract the right investors.

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