SEIS / EIS Advance Assurance

Hands on support for your S/EIS Advance Assurance application – Don’t do it alone!

We’ve partnered with Sapphire to make the process of applying for SEIS / EIS Advance Assurance simpler, so you can focus on the more important elements of your funding round. They’ve completed hundreds of successful tax relief eligible funding rounds and, as such, are experts in managing the application with HMRC.

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Our partnership with Sapphire

S/EIS Advance Assurance is vital for your round, but can be time consuming to obtain

S/EIS benefits investors by offering potentially significant tax reliefs when they make an investment into an SEIS and/or EIS eligible startup or early-stage company.

Advance Assurance is a provisional opinion provided by HMRC on whether the company meets the SEIS and/or EIS qualifying criteria. Advance Assurance acts as an indication to potential investors that they would be eligible for the SEIS and/or EIS tax reliefs if they were to invest in the company.

Securing Advanced Assurance is not always straightforward though. It can feel confusing and unclear what is needed and in what format, particularly if HMRC come back with multiple questions, which they undoubtedly can! If your business has a more complex structure this will also need to be carefully explained.

To find out more, please visit the official HMRC website.

We make it quick and easy to obtain support for Advanced Assurance

Our partners at Sapphire have a strong history of supporting businesses through the Advanced Assurance process.

Expert support

Sapphire has a team of experts who will quickly answer all your questions & keep you clear of the pitfalls.

Award winning service

With 10+ years of award winning experience, Sapphire know how to get you approved & fast.

A simple process

Having successfully applied 100’s of times, Sapphire makes your application process simple.

To find out more, please visit the Sapphire website.

Our process

Apply for this service using this form, Sapphire will contact you within two business days to discuss your needs.

Provide documents and additional information to create and submit your Advanced Assurance application. Sapphire can guide you through any follow up from HMRC.

Receive your Advanced Assurance!

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Transparent pricing – with a 50% discount for Seedrs raises

The price for this service starts from £550 + VAT*, subject to the complexity of the application. Sapphire will review your documents and complete your cover letter and advance assurance application. Included in this price is support for one round of HMRC questions.

Seedrs will refund 50% of the costs (up to £275) if you decide to raise funds on Seedrs and you successfully fund.

Don’t do it alone – get hands on support for your Advance Assurance application

Provide your details by applying below. Sapphire will review your company’s details and contact you within 2 business days with feedback about whether they can progress with your advance assurance.