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The platform of choice for early-stage sustainability investment.

Sustainability is one of our largest and fastest growing sectors, with 359 fundraises and counting. One platform with all the features you need to grow your network, acquire new customers, and raise investment for your business.

Raise the funds you need to make an impact.

Our expert team will help you build your campaign to maximise investment and awareness from your community and ours. We have a market leading success rate, with 96% of sustainable businesses on Seedrs successful in raising the funds they need.

Turn your customers into investors and true advocates.

Your customer community cares. They care about our planet and the human beings living on it. We help you maximise their impact as investors by creating customer loyalty and advocacy.

Speak to an audience of impact investors.

Over the last few years, Seedrs has developed a highly engaged community of sustainability investors eager to support the next big thing. Sustainability is now one of the largest and fastest growing sectors on Seedrs, with sustainable impact businesses raising 55% more investment on average than other sectors.

B-corp business is booming.

The B Corp certification has earned its title as the golden standard for sustainable business, awarded to for-profit organisations that give just as much consideration to their balance books as their socio-environmental impact. We have successfully supported 61 B-Corp businesses which are active on our secondary market.

What our businesses have to say

“Thanks to our many Seedrs campaigns, The Cheeky Panda has over 1,800 avid supporters who continue to advocate for, and positively impact our brand. Each campaign was also valuable for brand awareness and PR that lasted long after the rounds closed. We crafted a pitch video for each raise, which allowed people to really visualise our journey and our growth, and created a special relationship with the wider business community.”

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“We really liked working with the Seedrs team as they were really professional and they connected us with their community of investors and helped us to get more international exposure. Hyper Poland raised more than 150% percent of our original target which we’ve used for technical development, talent acquisition and operations.”

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