For over a decade…

Seedrs has played a significant role in the European startups ecosystem. In that time, we’ve supported companies from more than 20 countries across the continent. With over 100 successful European campaigns and counting, we’re continuing to strengthen our offering whilst expanding the scope of our investment footprint across Europe. This is a key reason why European founders are increasingly choosing to raise with us.

And now…

We’re continuing our expansion into more countries to enable additional investors the opportunity to invest in Europe’s most exciting startups. Alongside this, we continue to work with the most exciting founders and scaling businesses each and every day. If you are a European founder looking to raise funds that could accelerate your business’ growth, you can apply to raise here to speak with one of our dedicated team members. 

In the meantime, here are some of the views of our European alumni founders on the profound impact that community fundraising has had on their ventures…

“Our choice of Seedrs stems from the positive experience we had with their team and their approach to collaboration, which resonated with us. Following our Seedrs campaign, we witnessed a significant increase in networking opportunities and we were fortunate to engage with numerous intriguing individuals, establishing valuable new business partnerships.”

– Aurelio Perucca, CEO and Co-Founder of Splint Invest

“Fundraising with Seedrs has been great for our brand because the campaign itself generated publicity and caused hype around our product. The reason we chose Seedrs over other fundraising platforms was because we have international ambitions, meaning an international platform was a good, strategic choice for us. Our investors were keen to offer suggestions and have been really beneficial to have as part of the journey. In addition, the secondary market was of interest to create more liquidity for investors.”

– Daf Dubbelman, Managing Director of Zereau Drinks

Crowdfunding is a very powerful awareness tool when done right… Our revenues have gone up 3x since our campaign on Seedrs. Within our industry everyone is still going to traditional angel investors, VCs, private investors and corporates. This is unfortunate because the power dynamic is not going to shift. We need to start taking back control as business operators.”

– Stephanie Jordan, Co-Founder of Avallen Spirits

Looking to raise funds?

We’d love to speak to you! Our expert team can help you build and execute a campaign that maximises international exposure and boosts European brand awareness. Apply to raise on Seedrs and our team of fundraising experts will be in touch.