Are you a founder in the sustainability (or more specifically, ClimateTech) sector thinking about fundraising? Wondering if crowdfunding could be the right path for your startup? In light of Earth Day 2024, we hosted an exclusive “Ask Me Anything” session tailored for innovators like you.

Investor Appetite

Over the years at Seedrs, we’ve watched crowdfunding evolve from traditionally being a platform for B2C companies with large pre-existing communities, to additionally becoming a powerful tool for ClimateTech companies aimed at making a sustainable impact. As investor appetites shift towards greener, more sustainable investment opportunities, crowdfunding offers a unique platform to connect with like-minded investors ready to support the next big innovation in ClimateTech.

What to Expect:

  • Insights from Eduardo Cannizzo, our Sustainability Expert at Seedrs, who will set the stage with an overview of the current investment landscape and how crowdfunding fits into this changing world.
  • Real Stories from Real Founders: Hear directly from the founders of Sonichem and Green Technologies (GT), who have successfully raised funds through Seedrs. Discover their journeys, learn why they chose to fundraise with us, and get inspired by their personal stories.
  • Interactive Q&A: This is your chance to ask anything about crowdfunding, from strategic advantages to the nitty-gritty of the fundraising process.

This session is designed for founders within the sustainability and ClimateTech sectors who are curious about crowdfunding or are considering it as a route to raise funds. Our panel of experts and seasoned entrepreneurs provide valuable insights to best equip you for your fundraising journey.

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About the ClimateTech businesses:

Sonichem: Converting low-value sawdust into high-value bio-based chemicals with its patented ultrasonic process! Find out more here.

Green Technologies (GT): Delivering game-changing wind propulsion solutions to decarbonise global shipping. Find out more here.